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Why Choose Vet About Town?

Vet About Town mobile vet Dr Kirsten Aberle

Vet About Town is a mobile veterinary business, servicing metropolitan Adelaide. 

I have over 20 years experience of being a vet, and have worked in many locations including country Victoria, the UK, Melbourne and now Adelaide. 

I graduated from Melbourne University Veterinary Science in 2000, and following examinations in 2007, was admitted into the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the Emergency and Critical Care Chapter. I worked in this area for a few years and in 2012 returned to general practice. Since working in this capacity I've seen just how stressed some animals get when they come to the clinic, or how difficult it can be for clients, for a range of reasons, to get into the clinic. 

After being accredited as a Fear Free Practitioner in 2016, and completing a year long course in  Animal Behaviour in 2017, I felt the time was right to start offering the kind of stress-free experience I would like for my pets, and the convenience of a professional house call that I would appreciate. 

And so Vet About Town was created. I hope to meet your furbabies soon.

Dr Kirsten

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