Our Services

As a fully registered vet, we are able to fill in Pet insurance claim forms for you, to make caring for your pet that little bit easier.



Health checks

Whether it be for a young pup or a senior cat, we will thoroughly check the physical health status of your pet, giving particular attention to: 

- eyes

- ears (with otoscope if necessary)

- mouth including dental condition

- heart health

- abdominal palpation

- weight assessment

- skin and lump checks

We can provide advice regarding diet, behaviour, parasite prevention and answer any other questions you may have. Your pet's health record is stored on our computer software program, enabling us to send out reminders and forward your pet's records to other vets if required. 

Additional services available include nail clips (under sedation if necessary) and anal gland expression, vaccinations, worming, wound management and diagnostic tests.



Stress, anxieties and fears are known to impact on our mental health and as such, humans have developed coping strategies and medications to help us. Anxiety and fear has always been present in some animals also, but now, because of the advancements in the human field, we are able to diagnose and treat these conditions in animals. 

Dr Kirsten has a strong interest in behaviour, completing a year long course in Animal Behaviour in 2017, instructed by the only Animal Behaviour Fellows in Australia. She has participated in various Continuing Education events in this field since. 


Dr Kirsten was also the first Certified Fear Free Practitioner in Adelaide, meaning that every consult is conducted in subtle ways that help minimise your pet's stress level. 

Behaviour problems we can address include feline urine spraying and litter tray problems, canine dementia, generalised anxiety, separation anxiety, barking, digging, aggression and fear.


Diagnostic tests

Diagnostic testing can be an important part of assessing the overall health of your pet. Vet About Town is able to perform 3 types of diagnostic testing in your home, with the full back-up of Idexx Laboratories. 

1. Blood testing. From a small blood sample, we are able to assess the function of many vital internal organs and be more confident in your pet's health status. These blood tests become more important as your pet ages, or shows signs of ill health. We often need to give a small injectable sedative (like valium) to your pet prior to collecting a blood sample, so they usually don't mind us doing this procedure at all, and the literature tells us they won't even remember it!

2. Urine testing. Often this is done in conjunction with a blood test, to provide a comprehensive overview of your pet's kidney function. Sometimes getting a urine sample can be difficult; we can discuss the different options with you and develop a plan together. 

3. Lump aspirates. If your pet has a worrying lump, we can perform a Fine Needle Aspirate, usually without sedation, and get a pathologist's interpretation and diagnosis. This is a relatively non-invasive way of obtaining more information and enables us to formulate a better plan for any treatments your pet may need. 



To make your home vet visit as convenient as possible, Vet About Town carries a wide range of medications with us. 

We stock a range of antibiotics, eye and ear medications, skin ointments and shampoos, a variety of pain relief medications and anti-inflammatories, anti-anxiety medication and sedatives, arthritis treatments, vaccinations and worm treatments.

If we don't happen to stock a recommended medication, we will supply a script, allowing you to source the medication online or through a pharmacy. 

Our aim is to make your mobile vet visit as comprehensive and stress-free as possible.



Pet euthanasia is often a very emotional time. Deciding to have it done in the security of your pet's home will make the process more comfortable and peaceful, for your pet and for you. 

At Vet About Town, we always give your pet a small injection of a sedative prior to the euthanasia injection. This will mean that your loved pet will fall asleep peacefully prior to euthanasia.

Your pet will always be treated in a loving and dignified manner, and this extends to Vet About Town arranging aftercare of your pet as required.